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Read to know the love compatibility of Scorpio with Pisces zodiac sign.

Scorpio and Pisces Lovers

As per the Scorpio love compatibility chart, the strong will power of Scorpio will act as balm for Pisces' fickleness. In return, the imagination of Pisces serves to fuel Scorpio's creative instincts. Pisces in return is able to provide Scorpio the adulation and attention it requires. And their mutual fascination serves to make their lovemaking very romantic. Pisces' finesse for the uncanny only serves to add spice to the passions of Scorpio. There is unique understanding between the two. A good pair.

Scorpio Male and Pisces Female
Both make a jolly good pair. He has a rigid attitude, whereas lady Pisces is the most flexible person in the Zodiac. The problem with Scorpio male is his haphazard use of sting, which hurt lady Pisces. But eventually the soft attitude of Pisces woman will win Scorpio man over.

Scorpio Female and Pisces Male
On the positive side, both will be instantly attracted to one another. On the negative side, both partners have a tendency to maintain secrecy. Plus both can be a little sulky at times. The suggestion to Scorpio lady is that since Pisces man is sensitive, she better spare him the scorpion verbal lash.