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Read to know the love compatibility of Leo with Scorpio zodiac sign.

Leo and Scorpio Lovers

The Leo love compatibility chart state that Leo will get immediately attracted to Scorpio. But gradually, Leo will find is hard to deal with the envious and possessive attitude of Scorpio. Scorpio is quick tempered, while Leo is more upbeat. Leo thinks Scorpio is too moody, whereas Scorpio finds Leo a show-off. There are lots of misunderstandings in their relationship.

Leo Male and Scorpio Female
Scorpio woman like his Leo's candidness, which is contrast to her own secretive nature. He too likes Scorpio female, but the only problem is that she's too critical. Soon, the differences in the temperament will become apparent. Leo male will detest her grudge bearing attitude and she will be hurt by his insensitivity.

Leo Female and Scorpio Male
When they interact, it is only to find fault in one another. Both are fixed signs and do not budge easily to give each other space in their relationship. On the positive side, she will like his cleverness and appearance of playfulness. Ultimately, both will decide they have put up with each other for much too long.