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Read to know the love compatibility of Aries with Leo zodiac sign.

Aries and Leo Lovers

Know the love compatibility of Aries with a Leo lover. Both lovers have big egos, with a craving to dominate. But being both romantic at heart as well as fiery, Aries and Leo share a good rapport sexually. Aries lover nurtures a positive outlook, whereas Leo is kind hearted. If somehow both learn to learn to find a way around each other's exasperating habits, it should turn out to be an ideal match overall.

Aries Male and Leo Female
What ever their gender, Aries and Leo lover gel well. Both are kind and optimistic beings and are swift to response to one another's idealistic intentions and ideas. They are willing to give each other ample space and freedom. But if he thinks she will follow him about, then there could be some disputes.

Aries Female and Leo male
Aries and Leo lovers have big egos, but both are also optimistic and generous people and admire one another's virtues openly. This pair is one famous mutual admiration club. But there could be disagreements at times, but can be handled if Aries woman backs off.