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Read to know the love compatibility of Gemini with Leo zodiac sign.

Gemini and Leo Lovers

Gemini and Leo will be a loving couple, who will cherish one another's company. The playful attitude of Gemini will amuse Leo lover endlessly and will also find ideal response in Leo's active, open nature. However, the self-confidence of Leo will twitch on seeing the flirtatious nature of Gemini partner. The habit of Gemini to tickle Leo will irritate Leo. Leo will demand more attention and love, which Gemini will be reluctant to give. Both will get a kick out of upstaging other in public, but will also have fun doing this. They complement each other well in bed too.

Gemini Male and Leo Female
There is strong initial attraction between Gemini male and Leo female. But Gemini male is changeable and hates to be bound in a relationship. Leo woman has a sharp sense of her own personal freedom. With each partner ready to give one another little space, things should work out fine.

Gemini Female and Leo Male
Leo and Gemini are starkly a contrast by nature. While Leo man is fixed, Gemini is bound to be flighty. This means they will have big and small bickering from time to time. If both learn to handle carefully this side of their relationship, then all should be fine between them.