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Read to know the love compatibility of Taurus with Leo zodiac sign.

Taurus and Leo Lovers

Leo lover seeks adulation all the time and is constantly rivaling with Taurus lover. As a consequence, Taurus gives in and turns unhappy with their relationship every passing day. On the other hand Taurus seeks approval, but neither will achieve what each desire from the other partner. Moreover Leo is extravagant, whereas Taurus sensible. Sexually, however, all is well. Leo sees life as a spectacle and tries to act in all three rings at once. The Taurus lover finds all this quite hard to accept or even to behold.

Taurus Male and Leo Female
Taurus male will is quite strong and grave, whereas the Leo female is quite self-centered and a big egoist. Leo female is habituated of giving orders and Taurus man will simply detest that behavior. You can surely predict the rest!

Taurus Female and Leo Male
The Taurus-Leo love relationship doesn't normally get favorable comments from astrologers. Leo male is self-centered and only demands applause and praise. This will make Taurus female feel that his behavior is childish. Taurus woman may put up with all this for a considerable time. But Leo male will think she lacks verve for life.