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Read to know the love compatibility between two lovers of the same Taurus zodiac sign.

Taurus and Taurus Lovers

This love horoscope for 2012 is for two Taurus lovers. Well, one would not call their relationship very exciting because both are very homely and prefer safety to adventure. The hardworking souls share other binding factors like liking for money and are faithful and dedicated to one another. However, she will be more emotional than he, but then both are as possessive about each other and this suits both of them fine.

Since both Taurus lovers are very down-to-earth by nature and open about their sexual requirements, they do not encounter any hitches in that territory. If there is one problem, then it is boredom. As such, the Taurus love horoscope indicates that the apt solution for both will be to develop some interests / hobbies and make new friends, but without acting overly possessive of one another.

Taurus Man - Taurus Woman Relationship
As always, the love relationships between persons of the same Zodiac signs result in instant sense of rapport about them. And as Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, there's bound to be ample loving and cuddling in their love life. The only problem is that both being similar temperamentally will fail to excite and surprise each other. Otherwise, all is well in their love story.