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Read to know the love compatibility of Taurus with Gemini zodiac sign.

Taurus and Gemini Lovers

This free Taurus love compatibility talks about the love prospects with Gemini lover. Taurus and Gemini lovers are totally unlike each other temperamentally. While Taurus is somewhat slow in emoting, having rigid viewpoints and opposed to changes, Gemini lover is wavering and restless. But then both Taurus and Gemini lovers may be attracted to each other for this very reason, even though for a while.

Gemini lover will be deeply fascinated by Taurus lover's passions. But with time Taurus's character of always upholding matters pertaining protection and stability will be begin to annoy fickle-minded Gemini. Taurus is a stickler for time and discipline, a trait which the Gemini lover (who's in constant need for new stimulation) finds boring. At the end, the demands of Taurus will prove to be simply too much for Gemini lover, who will want to flee.

Taurus Male and Gemini Female
Taurus male is very stubbornness, traditional with good memory. Gemini female is changeable, lively and forgetful. Both have distinctly different attitude towards life. Again, while Taurus male prefers to same cash, she loves spending. The two partners do not really seem to be made for each other.

Taurus Female and Gemini Male
The Taurus female is more of a traditional sort, who is generally considered apt for marriage. But variable and lighthearted Gemini men will dislike being bound down in a relationship. They are normally the wandering type. But then he may gradually like her dependability and she will be enticed by his wild side. This relationship has fair chance of working out.