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Read to know the love compatibility of Gemini with Scorpio zodiac sign.

Gemini and Scorpio Lovers

This relationship need to be handled ingeniously. The imagination of Gemini and multi-facetedness of Scorpio lovers will make a good combo, but only if they get along. There in fire in their lovemaking, but both soon find that there is more to their relationship than just sex. Scorpio lover is sensual, fervent, demanding, envious and rigid. Gemini is vacillating, erratic, shallow and cheerful. Where Gemini loves to socialize, Scorpio respect personal privacy. Scorpio's envious nature is always in chaos due to Gemini's carefree attitude towards love. It will not be long before each discovers that they have had enough.

Gemini Male and Scorpio Female
The Gemini male and Scorpio female are comically different from one another. There's no doubt that the Gemini male is one mysterious personality always bound to change, but then even Scorpio woman is always attracted towards a ambiguity. As long as Gemini man foes not act too frivolous, all is well.

Gemini Female and Scorpio Male
The meeting of Gemini female and Scorpio man is like the classic coming together of the opposites which is bound to create problems. The real bone of contention is his seriousness and her playfulness. Their relationship can work, but with understanding and tact from both sides.