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Read to know the love compatibility of Virgo with Scorpio zodiac sign.

Virgo and Scorpio Lovers

The Scorpio lover will keep goading Virgo for trying out bolder sexual quests. Virgo will feel at ease by the fact that Scorpio is possessive and extremely faithful in love. They both will admire each other's minds. While Virgo is practical and nurtures a reasonable approach to everything, Scorpio is creative and a visionary. At times, both face the problem in self expression. They blend nicely, but there will also be a fight to lead.

Virgo Male and Scorpio Female
There is good potential for positive outcomes in this pair. But Virgo male will have to keep in mind that she is correct about most things than he's usually ready to admit. She will like his calm logical thinking, while he ought to appreciate her judgments. The problem here could be the big male ego.

Virgo Female and Scorpio Male
There is great intellectual compatibility between the two. Virgo female will like the fact that her Scorpio man has some understanding of her need for self-perfection. She will also appreciate his faithfulness. In turn, Scorpio male will find full devotion from Virgo female. The only warning for Scorpio man is not to get over-confident because he will then be dealing with a lady who is as sure of herself and will not agree to be his doormat.