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Read to know the love compatibility of Cancer with Capricorn zodiac sign.

Cancer and Capricorn Lovers

There is strong sexual attraction between Cancer and Capricorn lovers initially. Temperamentally, both are very different from each other and if they can handle this problem carefully, they will make an interesting pair. The ambitious Capricorn has too many other interests to provide Cancer all the notice the person may demand. Cancer is bashful, sensitive and wants affection, whereas Capricorn is blunt and controlling freak. The temperamental dissimilarity could prove to be too prominent for a smooth long-term relationship between the two.

Cancer Male and Capricorn Female
There is possibility that a happy romance can prosper here if there is major co-operation from both sides. But then there are bigger and prominent problems as well. The problem is that the Cancer male is too moody with varied interests and Capricorn female is always craving for stable and secure relationship.

Cancer Female and Capricorn Male
In this case, Capricorn male's stability and reliability meets Cancer female's housewifely demands. Both persons are very careful with money. The only problem is that she might feel him emotionally distant and cold.