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Valentine’s Day celebration is an exotic experience in Spain. Go through the article to know about Spanish Valentines Day customs & traditions.

Valentine’s Day in Spain

Ernest Hemingway’s existentialist short story “The Undefeated" will be the first thing comes in a good reader’s mind when thinking about Spain. Hemingway portrayed the undying spirit of a 'field-out’ bull fighter in that story. Spain is the historical land of Bull fighting and Flamenco music. With beautiful beaches, picturesque country side and umpteen genres of music, Spain is destined to be a great celebration spot and romantic destination. Foreign tourists fly to Spain for an exotic experience on Valentine’s Day .the cultural versatility of Spain can be seen in their ways of celebrating festivals. Valentine’s Day is a major festival in Spain. No other country in the world can match the festive ardor of the Spanish people on the Valentine’s Day Eve. Valentine’s Day in Spain is marked by great festivities everywhere and Spain is no exception. Valentine’s Day celebrations in Spain are arranged in true Spanish style with a little cultural influence form America, through popular media.

Valentine’s Day Traditions in Spain
Valentine’s Day in Spain is celebrated with sheer enthusiasm and happiness. Spanish shops sell traditional clothes for men and women on Valentine’s Day. People go to dance clubs in the evening to have a nice 'hip shaking time’ with their valentines. The most common custom followed in Spain, during Valentine’s Day is exchanging gifts with love messages. Spanish people are fond of flowers such as red roses and tulips. Young men give flower bouquets, rings, perfumes, chocolate candies and gift baskets to their sweethearts while women give electronic gadgets, perfumes, gift baskets, photo collages as their valentine gifts.

Roses, chocolates, candies and cards are the most popular gifts for this romantic occasion in Spain. Canada people prefer romantic ways to tell their love to their Valentine’s on the Valentine’s Day. In Spain, Valentine’s Day is mostly considered as a lover’s day but anybody can express their love and gratitude to their beloved on this day. Lovers make trips to Madrid and Barcelona to enjoy an unforgettable Valentine’s trip. Greeting card is one of main attraction of Valentine’s Day in Spain. Spanish greeting cards offer you the lines of intense romance. Gift shops in Spain use to wear the festive look of Valentine’s Day in the beginning of February itself. Gift basket is also a common valentines’ tradition in Spanish Valentine’s Day. Spain is an excellent tourist spot with exotic locales. It is a fact that Spain got beautiful and unique cities to visit. Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Bilbao, Cordoba are some of those cities. 

People say 'nothing is free in this life’ but some of the Spain bars have already proved that they are wrong because bars in Granada provide free food if you a buy a drink. Spain has a very rich food culture. Their foods such as Tapas are world famous and valentines attack one bar to next bar having free tapas while having drinks on the Valentine’s Day. Some People living in different cities exchange the valentine greetings with e-cards and gifts which available through online Valentine’s Day shopping sites. Valentine’s Day dinner and dance parties take place all over Spain to celebrate the expression of love, even though the Valentine’s Day got popular only in the last decades. There are a lot of place in Spain, where lovers can spend a very romantic time. In Barcelona, Valentines wander streets of Las ramblas, gothic quarter and they climb up Montjuic, the big hill to celebrate the spirit of love. In Madrid, people visit Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, El Botin (Hemingway’s favorite restaurant) and Medina Mayrit (where you can taste the morocco tea and North African food).