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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Estonia is a unique experience. Explore the article to know about Estonian Valentines Day customs & traditions.

Valentine’s Day in Estonia

Estonia is a country in Northern Europe, which regained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The modern name of Estonia is thought to originate from the Roman historian Tacitus, who originally wrote this name in his book 'Germania’. Estonia is one of the least-populous members of the powerful European Union. Estonian language has originally inspired from Finnish language. The capital and largest city is Tallinn which is one of the best-preserved mediaeval cities in Europe. Tallinn, which is considered as Estonia’s crown jewel, has many cafes and restaurants which make the visual spirit of Valentine’s Day even before the arrival of the day. The food of Estonia has been heavily dependent on seasons and simple peasant food, which in present day is influenced by many countries. On Valentine’s Day, probably all kind of food will be available in Tallinn restaurants.

Valentine’s Day Traditions in Estonia
The Estonian culture was much influenced by pre Christian mythology. One can see the reflection of this influence even in the present day culture in Estonia. As in Most of the countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February in Estonia. Estonia celebrates Valentines Day with high excitement and romantic spirit. Estonian people consider the day as a time to pay honor to the great patron of love, St. Valentine, who fought against the injustice meted out to the lovers.
Valentine’s Day tradition in Estonia is known as Sobrapaev which means friendship day in English. It is celebrated as a sacred day which epitomizes the divinity of love. Weeks before the arrival of the day, hectic arrangements are done like decorating shopping malls, local stores, boulevards in Estonia. Estonian people exchange gifts as a symbol of love on this day. Flowers, greeting cards, gift basket are the gifts which Estonians consider as the most romantic gifts.

Extravagant Live musical concerts and folk dances are major attractions of Estonian Valentines Day. Prominent restaurants offer romantic valentine dinner with an updated exotic food menu. There is a saying which goes’ Estonian people like to eat everything fresh, that come straight from the garden’. Food fest will be arranged mostly on Valentine’s Day, in the capital city Estonia, Tallinn. Estonian dishes are very delicious. People arrange big celebrations in old town in Tallinn such as Rataskaevy Street and pikk streets. All these colorful events make it big in Estonia on Valentine’s Day.

As the name 'Sobrapaev’ denotes, Valentine’s Day is also considered as a friendship day in Estonia. Young people spend it with friends. An essential and interesting part of the Estonian celebrations is the Valentine crafts. Estonian kids make this craft using their innocent imaginations. Schools use to conduct fun competitions on this Valentine’s crafts. People give this crafts as Valentine’s gifts with greeting cards. The little valentine gifts made by the little one add more color to the Estonian Valentine’s Day. Estonians also arrange parties in friends’ houses to celebrate the valentine over wine and food. Estonian teenagers make most of the Valentine’s Day in the country.