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On Valentine’s Day, Mexicans celebrate love and friendship in an exciting way. Explore more on Valentines Day customs & traditions in Mexico.

Valentine’s Day in Mexico

Imagine sitting on Canacun Beach on the Mexican Coast, with endless view of the crystal clear sea and the trees on the beach sway in the breeze. You dig your feet in the sliver, white sand and soak in the warm sun as your loved one passes you a cool drink.  You feel you are in paradise. After a relaxed time on the beach, both of you walk through the streets reviving the ancient Aztec Mexican vibes. By evening, the place is bustling with energy and it feels like a carnival. You enjoy a romantic dinner with spicy, traditional Mexican meal and float with the live Mariachi band playing beautiful music. The romance between both of you is beautifully kindled. Mexico is a beautiful destination to choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

On Valentine’s Day in Mexico, people celebrate love and friendship in an exciting way. Most places are an all day and night carnival where you find bustling streets filled with colorful balloons, fragrant flowers especially red roses, loads of chocolate and candies, cute stuffed toys like puppies and teddy bears. Like the rest of the world, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on14th February in Mexico known as Dia de San Valentin. Locally it is popularly known as El Día del Amor y la Amistad, translating to the “Day of Love and Friendship’. Traditionally, Mexicans value friendships intensely and on this day apart from their loved ones, they express love and appreciation even to friends who they are closely connected with.

Valentine’s Day Traditions in Mexico
In late 16th century, singing and chanting poetry was a tradition in Aztec Mexico. These compositions were verses describing Mexican folklore ancient Mexico. Through some of the Aztec poetry still recited today, you can discover the deep rooted beliefs of Mexicans especially about their innate respect for friendship which they considered to be the gift of the Gods. Therefore till today especially in Mexico, Valentine’s Day is considered special not only for lovers, romantic partners or married couples it is also a day when Mexicans express a genuine, deep rooted respect and appreciation they have for their friends.

Like in other countries around the world, Valentine Day gifts usually include flowers like red roses, chocolates or candies, greeting cards, stuffed cuddly toys like teddy bears and puppies and red hearts. In Mexico, you will find skies adorning numerous floating red balloons with phrases of love printed on them, some of them being, 'Te Amo’ or 'I Love You’; 'Para Mi Amor’ or 'For My Love’ or 'Felicidades’ or 'Congratulations’. On this day, it is also very popular for married couples to celebrate their love by going for a romantic dinner. Therefore, if you plan on visiting Mexico during this time, make sure to book advance reservations at restaurants.

There is a unique way in which men show their feelings for the women they love or wish to flatter. On the evening of Valentine’s Day, they place themselves beneath the window of the lady they want express their love to; accompanied by a trio of musicians known as a Mariachi band. Like in olden times, the man and his band sings romantic songs to win the heart of his lady love. Apart from this, Mexicans celebrate Valentine’s Day in different ways. There are stunning romantic getaways on the Mexican coast. The pristine beaches and spectacular resorts provide locals as well as foreigners a place to escape to cuddle in the privacy on this special day.