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Would you like to spend this Valentine’s Day in the land of lakes and mountains - Poland? Know all about Polish Valentines Day customs and traditions.

Valentine’s Day in Poland

You may have heard of the famous Carpathians Mountains. Yes, the spine chilling mountain where Bram stoker’s legendary immortal vampire Dracula sleeps. Carpathians is another name of the Bieszczady Mountains in Poland. Poland is the nation which produced literary gems like Joseph Conrad and Henryk Sienkiewicz and Nobel winner Scientist Marie Curie who invented radium. It is a country in central Europe, which is ranked as the 69th largest country in the world. Poland has a population of over 38 million people. Poland is a land of lakes and mountains. Poland has one of the highest numbers of lakes in the world. Valentine’s Day is considered as a mega event in Poland but polish people celebrate the day without much noise. They use to taste the sound and music of romance without overdoing it, on the Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is considered mostly as lover’s day in Poland. It is celebrated in the memory of the great saint Valentines. Read on the article to know more about the valentine celebrations in Poland.

Valentine’s Day Traditions in Poland
Valentine’s Day in Poland celebrated with intense joy and excitement but Poland never gets exhausted with it because the event is very economically celebrated there. Roses, chocolates, candies and cards are the most beloved gifts for the romantic occasion for polish people. Greeting card is one of main attraction of Valentine’s Day in Poland. Polish greeting cards shops get prepared for the occasion and get card with intense romantic messages. Flowers bouquets are exchanged between couples but basically men present their beloved flower bouquets which are filled with red roses or tulips.

Youngsters give flower bouquets, rings, perfumes, chocolate candies and gift baskets to their sweethearts while women give electronic gadgets, perfumes, gift baskets and photo collages as their valentine gifts. Youngsters take small tours to country side because Poland is known for its pictorial and charming landscape. Polish Lovers use to take a visit in sea or mountain resorts for celebrating the romantic spirit of the Valentine’s Day .The Valentine fever is intense in polish that one can find boys and girls taking vows of love and exchanging gifts on polish restaurants and resorts, on this day. Gift basket is a common practice in Polish Valentine’s Day.

Polish is a stunning tourist place with panoramic and picturesque landscapes. Nowadays, due to the immense influence of popular media, polish people have begun enjoying the Valentine’s Day with new gift ideas such as photo story albums, DVDs, iPods, High-Fi mobile phones. Polish sweethearts who happened to live in different cities exchange the valentine greetings with e-cards and gifts which available through online shopping sites. Restaurant and pubs get decorates long before the Valentine’s Day and offer terrific romantic dinner packages. They provide special romantic dinner offers on Valentine’s Day. Polish men prefer to celebrate a Valentine’s day with their sweetheart in a nice, slick restaurant. Polish youngsters make their own disco floors by arranging music systems in their farm house or in their own home.