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Valentine’s Day celebrations present a unique experience in Norway. Explore the article to know about the Valentines Day customs & traditions in Norway.

Valentine’s Day in Norway

Norway is a country that breathes romance in its air. Spread with beautiful and steep mountains and still, deep lakes, Norway make the perfect country to enjoy a valentine’ day. Norway is a country in Northern Europe which occupies the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula. It ranks as the wealthiest country in the world in monetary value. It has rich resources of forests, natural gas fields, hydro electric power and minerals. As a matter of fact, Norway is a founding member of the UN and NATO. The beautiful Oslo is the capital city of Norway and the largest too. The second largest city, Bergen is also a very beautiful city where people come to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Norwegians call ’Valentine’s day’ as ’Valentinsdagen’ and celebrate it as 'the day of love’. Though Norwegians celebrate this festival with vigor and joy, their celebrations are not influenced so much by American style of Valentine’s Day festivals.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations In Norway
Norway follows the British and Scottish tradition of valentines’ day. They celebrate it on February 14th and the primary intentions of Valentine’s Day celebrations are honoring the Great Saint Valentine and expressing the love. Finnish Valentine’s Day is considered as a 'day of 'love ’ which can be celebrated by anyone who wants to express the love and gratitude to a certain person. Valentine’s Day in Norway is celebrated with sheer enthusiasm and happiness but in a grand American way. Roses, chocolates, candies and cards are the most popular gifts People prefer for the romantic occasion. Norway is a place for snowboarding and skiing and people come here on February on Valentine’s Day for a romantic adventure. There are hotels and resort, which offer good packages to the lovers who come for a skiing adventure in the mountains of Norway.

Norwegian terrain parks have put a lot of money and energy to make the rides very challenging, adventurous and funny. Norwegian lovers also find great romantic energy at the small lakes such as Vatn. People use to wander around these lakes on Valentine’s Day. These lakes and the beautiful picturesque mountains of Norway attract umpteen number of tourist every year. Norway has a lot of Virgin locations which no piling machines of any industry ever violated. Wandering through this kind of exotic location is a habit of youngster on Valentine’s Day. Historic buildings in Norway are also very interesting to watch. Lovers use to hang out these building and visit places which have antique value, such as Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo.

Youngsters exchange Valentine’s greeting cards on the day. These cards are well designed and printed with nice romantic lines to delight the lovers. Some of them contain creative, original line while others have lines from well known poets. Gift shops of Norway use to arrange special gift for the Valentine’s Day. Specially crafted gift baskets are one of the most important Valentine’s gift item, you can find in a Norwegian Shop.Flowesr are also very romantic gift item Norwegian used to present to their sweethearts. Red roses still remains the most romantic gift for a valentine. Norwegian flowers shops use to prepare some special flower bouquets on this day. Youngsters who got influenced heavily by the American culture through media are the one who think a traditional gift would do. They experiment beyond the traditional gift ideas and buy gadgets for their sweetheart.Lovemaps contains facts and photos of the love relationship are also a hot gift among the Norwegian youngsters.