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Do you know that Chile is a land of poets and festivals? Explore the article to know about Chilean Valentines Day customs and traditions.

Valentine’s Day in Chile

Chile is called as 'a country of poets’, which produced Nobel Prize winners in literature such as Gabriela Mistra, Pablo Neruda. Chile is a country in South America which is famous for its ancient forest and volcanic peaks. Chile is one of South America’s most prosperous and stable nations. It is a founding member of the United Nations. There are very good parks out there in Chile and thus lovers have more scope for adventure on a Valentine’s day. Music of Chile is also famous for its uniqueness. It ranges from folkloric music, popular music and also to classical music. The large geographical area of the country generates different musical expressions in the north, center and south of the country. There is much variety in Chile’s food dishes also. Their cuisine features an assortment of vegetables, sea foods, beef and fruits. Spanish is the official language of Chile.

Valentine’s Day Traditions in Chile
The people of Chile celebrate the Valentine’s Day with intense pleasure and excitement. They decorate their house with handmade crafts, balloons and streamers, on this day. The shops use to be flooded with a lot of gift items long before the arrival of Valentine’s Day. City streets are decorated with lights and balloons on the day. People love to go out to a restaurant or café with their valentine or friends or family members. Several music concerts get organized on Chilean Valentine’s Day to encash the spirit of romance. Many international and local bands come to Chile for making the Chilean crowd groove.

Valentines use to have dinner at plush restaurants and these restaurants take extra care to make sure that they appear very romantic on the day. The mild music and valentine themed wall designs are arranged for enhancing the mood. Hotels in Chile offer attractive packages to lover to enjoy the vigor of their romance. A lot of tourists fly to Chile for enjoying the Valentine’s Day in a plain South American style. The adults as well as the young citizens of Chile take active participation in the celebrations that are organized on Valentine’s Day. Weeks for the arrival of the day, shops and restaurants get themselves well prepared for the event.

A lot of fun games and competitions take place to multiply the spirit of the vent. Valentine day in Chile is the perfect celebration time for the book lovers because writer launches their new books in this festival day. Valentine’s Day being a phenomenal celebration day, a lot of new movies and music albums also get released. The famous smooching contest is held for couples to celebrate the occasion. The main celebrations are conducted in true Chilean style with great family dinner where native dishes like Cazuela, Pastel De Choco are prepared in every family. Chile is famous for its parks where valentines wander like blessed souls, on the D day. Salsa contests and dinner cruises are the other attractions of Chilean Valentine’s day.