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Slovakian Valentine’s Day is elegant and exotic. Read the article to know all about Valentines Day customs and traditions in Slovakia.

Valentine’s Day in Slovakia

Slovakia, The Slovak Republic, is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Bratislava is the capital and the largest city of Slovak republic. Slovakia is a high-income advanced economy with one of the fastest growth rates in the EU and OECD. This country has a mountainous nature with Dracula’s own Carpathian Mountains shadows most of the northern half of the country. It is a place of scenic lakes, valleys, caves and castles which ooze a feel of mystery into an observers’ mind. Slovakia’s old town and folk architecture attracts a lot of tourist every year. It is observed that more than 1.6 million people visited Slovakia in 2006. The most favorite tourist locations in Slovakia are Bratislava and the High Tatra Mountains. Valentine’s Day is celebrated with intense joy and excitement in Slovakia and it is in the memory of the great St. Valentine, people celebrate this day. This is considered almost as a lover’s day in Slovakia.

Valentine’s Day Traditions in Slovakia
Valentines all over the country paint the day with flowers and heart shaped goods. Men gifts women flower bouquets, the ever green symbol love which still have long existence to the future. Shops will be flooded with Valentine’s cards which are filled with intense romantic verses and poems. Shops get themselves decorated by color balloons, ribbons and red roses. Nice perfumes are selling like wild fire for the occasion of the Valentine’s Day. Youngsters are making round in the stylish and elegant cafes and restaurants of Slovakia on this day. One can see the real atmosphere of love and charm in Slovakia on the Valentine’s Day.

Slovakia, being a hot tourist spot, valentines fly to its beautiful town which have numerous attractive monuments which stood like the soul of the past. Valentines see the spirit of their romance in the joy of wandering these attractive and exotic locales in Slovakia. Slovakia is a land of caves and mountains. Some people chose their Valentine’s day to be romantic as well as adventurous. They go for a mountaineering holiday on Tatra Mountains where the highest number if tourist visit takes place in Slovakia. People also visit Bratislava, the capital of the country. Every corner of the city looks like it is just of a romantic Hollywood movie.

Bratislava is place where a lot of musical concerts use to take place on Valentine’s Day. Many international and local bands are coming to rock on the Slovakian soil, on Valentine’s Day. Spa towns in Slovakia are fantastic experience to watch and lovers walk with hand in hand through the city streets of Trencianske Teplice and Bardejov which is one of UNESCO’s World heritage sites, now. Party going valentines grooves on the dance floors of the dance clubs and bars in Slovakian cities. The resorts in Spa towns of Slovakia offer attractive packages for the lovers on this day. They make arrangement of nice food, drinks and music on this day. With youngsters, adult people are also enjoying the occasion with their life partners with the spirit of romance. Various events are organized for the particular day and they are very popular among the Slovakian urban crowd.