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Irish people celebrate Valentine’s Day with sheer excitement. Read on the article to know about Valentines Day customs and traditions in Ireland.

Valentines’ Day in Ireland

Ireland is a known as place of Nobel Prize Winners. The four Nobel prizes came to Ireland for George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, Seamus Heaney and William Butler Yeats. The legendary writer such as Oscar Wilde and James Joyce also hails from Ireland. Ireland is a place where one existentialist may want to escape to, from the maddening crowd. It is considered as the third largest island of Europe, is the most sought after tourist destination. It lies to the north-west of continental Europe and is surrounded by hundreds of islands and islets. To the east of Ireland is the island of Great Britain, separated by the Irish Sea. It is a quite place with beautiful locales which caters to the taste of the romantic people. Valentine’s Day is a quiet but beautiful experience in Ireland.

Valentine’s Day Traditions in Ireland
Ireland pubs and restaurants, serve a highly refined menu of cocktails drinks and delicious foods.Flowers make traditional Ireland valentine gift. From the ancient days to today’s postmodern age, flowers still are mesmerizing women. A display of a bouquet of flowers makes an instinctive and beautiful smile on girl friend’s face. Ireland people are fond of poetry. They exchange their love messages in the form of poetry on the valentines’ day. It also denotes one’s love or affection for the recipient. In Ireland, people consider poems as one of the best medium of the expression of their love.
Ireland is the right place for food lovers. Traditional Irish food and wine are offered almost at every restaurant, on Valentine’s Day. They have delicious continental food menu on the day. They arrange well designed chat rooms for lovers. Lovers love the environment of good music with good food. They set the mood by using color scented candles and lights. Nowadays, Ireland restaurants try to improve their business by giving space to lovers to celebrate their Valentine’s Day in very different way. Ireland people cook chocolate candies for their valentines, on the day. These homemade cookies are considered as the mostly lovely gift in Ireland. People exchange gift baskets which filled with love messages this day.

Besides hand written love messages, printed greeting cards also sell like wildfire in Ireland. All of the gift shops have the Valentine’s Day cards. Shops never run out of gifts or cards on the day.  The majority of the gifts go to women and men prefer electronic gadgets and other useful gifts. Gift basket is a common practice in Ireland Valentine’s Day. People prefer candle light dinner treat also for valentine’ day night. Couples arrange private parties at their home or in hotels. Ireland men gift jewelry to their women on Valentine’s Day. Chains, rings, bracelet are considered as the gifts for women, in this country. Women cook delicious food items in the color red or pink. Pink bread, pink mashed potatoes, Red tinted heart cake are some of these food which Ireland women gifs their valentines.