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South Africa celebrates Valentine’s Day in a cheerful manner. Explore the article to know about South African Valentines Day customs and traditions.

Valentine’s Day in South Africa

South Africa is a country located at the southern tip of Africa. It is known for diversity in cultures, languages, and religious beliefs. Black, Caucasians and Asia reside in South Africa and this has sculptured their culture. Eleven official languages are recognized in the constitution but English is the most commonly spoken language in official and commercial public life. South Africa is one of the founding members of the African Union, and has the largest economy of all the members. Valentine’s Day is a day of love and passion. 14th February is traditionally celebrated as the day for lovers in honor of St. Valentine who is known as the patron saint of love. All around the world, there are joyous celebrations to honor love. Valentine’s Day in South Africa is spent by celebrating cheerfully with exotic wines, foods and exchange of gifts. South Africa has many wildlife parks like Kruger National Park which is quite popular among tourists also. Tourists are flying to South Africa to celebrate their precious Valentine’s day in the historical country. South Africa has many exotic locations and panoramic landscapes, which can tempt even a Hitler to divine light of romance.

Valentine’s Day Traditions in South Africa
Going out with the date is a common practice on South African Valentine’s Day. Young white girls use to celebrate the old roman festivals named 'Lupercalia’. As a ritual of this festival, young girls pin their lovers’ name their sleeves. Men also follow this custom at some regions of South Africa but it is very rare. Different Festivals take place in various cities of South Africa.  All the discotheques, pubs and restaurants are completely booked even before the Valentine’s Day’s arrival. Shops and market places are beautifully decorated with flowers on the Valentine’s Day.

The ancient symbols of love such as hearts, love birds, Cupid will be among the decoration items for shops and homes. Week long celebrations take place in various pubs and hotels. South Africans as well as the wandering tourists use to attend dancing bars where they can drink and groove with the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Youngsters use to take place in river rafting and mountaineering on the day for a valentine adventure. The beautiful islands of South Africa such as Johannesburg and Cape Town are also the favorite places for the valentines. Beach resorts get prepared for the event with new decorations for stirring up the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Young men use to gift flower bouquets to their women, on Valentine’s Day. The common gift practices such as gift baskets, Chocolate candies and candles are very popular in South Africa. People use to make chocolate cookies in home for their valentines. The modern cult of South Africa uses email and SMS to send the love messages to their valentines. But South Africans  also likes to take gifts like routine romantic gifts and arrangement like a candle light dinner, red balloon, sexy lingerie, bandaged bear for children.