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Here we tell you how to go about planning the second date. Check out how to proceed to second.

The Second Date

You had a blast on your first date. But, now you feel that there is something more in your heart for him/her. Somehow, his/her thought always finds a way into your mind. And, the moment you think about him/her, your lips automatically spread into a smile. You wait for the moment you will get to see him/her again. You even laugh at his/her silliest of jokes and love every moment that two of you have spent together. So, now is the time to move forward a little in the relationship. Yes! We are talking about the "Second Date".

But now you must be thinking about how to proceed to second date. To help you with this issue, we have come up with the following tips on planning the second date…
  • In case you've told some lies on the first date, this is the time to come clean. Remember that a relationship can never be based on falsehood. He/she will appreciate the fact that you have the courage to accept your mistakes. If you really want this thing to move on further, just be yourself this time.
  • Try to spend a little more time together than you did on the first date. Also, the environment should be a little more private, to help both of you come closer.
  • Do not go for a movie or to an amusement park on the second date. Utilize this time to talk to each other so that you get to know one another better.
  • Try to explore each other more. What are his/her interests, what is his/her favorite cuisine, what type of movies he/she likes, etc.
  • Do not pressurize yourself to do anything. Just go with the flow and be comfortable.
  • This is still not the time to talk about your past relationships. You two need time to get closer to each other and to trust each other fully.
  • Please do not utter the words "I Love You" on the second date. It will be highly immature on your part. You two are yet to know each other fully.
  • Do remember to complement him/her to show her that you are still interested. But, the hints should be subtle, not too direct.