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Here are given some important guidelines for the perfect first date. Check out some first date tips.

First Date Guidelines

You are all set to go on your first date and are very nervous. You do not want to mess up anything. Given below are some guidelines for the perfect first date. These tips and guidelines will go a long way in ensuring that you have a smooth and enjoyable first date.
  • Please tell your date in advance where you are planning to take him/her. You don't want to see him/her come for an amusement park in an evening dress.
  • Make sure that the intentions of both of you are made clear right from the start. Are you looking for some fun only or want to get seriously involved? This will help in avoiding any embarrassment on the part of both of you.
  • Be a good listener, but not on the phone.
  • If you are the one arranging for the transport, make sure that your car or bike is in a good condition. The last thing you will want to have on the first date is a flat tyre.
  • Do not starting smoking without taking permission from your partner.
  • Do not ask anything about his/her past relationships and anything else that may be considered too personal.
  • Do not lie about anything.
  • All said and done, just lower your inhibitions, have fun and enjoy.