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This article provides some popular ideas for the first date. Read on to know where to go on your first date.

First Date Ideas

You have asked him/her out and have even got a positive reply. You want to make your first date very special. You have read numerous articles on what to do and what not to do on a first date. But, one thing is still bothering you, where to go on the first date. Have no fear. We are here to provide you with some of the best first date ideas…

One of the most popular ideas for first date is to go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner. However, make sure that you know what your date likes. You don't want to take him/her to a famous Chinese restaurant just to find out he/she hates Chinese. Book a table in advance to avoid any last minute hitches.

Going out for a movie is an all-time favorite dating idea. However, make sure to read the reviews of the movie before going and book the tickets in advance. The best bet will be to go for a romantic or a comedy movie.

If both of you are fond of dancing, then, what better place to go for a date other than a discotheque. It will also help you in lowering your inhibitions.

If you are a member of any decent club, then, it will be a great idea to take your date there. You can also have a game of pool or snooker there and talk over drinks

Amusement Park
Does thrill excite both of you? Then, the best place for a date would be an amusement park. Scream, laugh, play and enjoy yourself to the hilt.

Musical Concert
For those who have an ear for music, a musical concert is the perfect idea of a first date.

Long Drive
Going on a long drive still remains a favorite of many people, when going on a date, whether first, second or third.