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Here is given dating advice as well as dating tips for a man. Check out some great romantic date ideas for guys/men.

Dating Advice for Men

For the men who still have to get a hang of the game of dating, we have written this article on "dating advice and tips for a man". The ideas given below will help you guys in making your date more romantic…
  • Chivalry is still the key to a woman's heart. Gestures like pulling out the chair for a woman, holding the door for her, etc are bound to leave a favorable impression on her.
  • Do not be too direct or too pushy while hitting on her. Give subtle hints, but preferably not on the first date. And if she backs off a little, please stop.
  • Maintain basic etiquettes like not eating with your mouth open, not burping, treating the waiters nicely, etc.
  • Maintain basic cleanliness. Do not turn up in four weeks old jeans, do not smell bad and have fresh breath, etc.
  • Respect your woman. Do not treat her like a bimbette, who can only look good. Try to initiate an intelligent conversation. She may turn out be smarter than you are!
  • Do not get drunk on a date. It will be highly embarrassing for her. Instead of getting escorted to the home, she will be the one assuming the role that is supposed to be played by a man, ensuring that you reach home safely.