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We often hear the phrase 'love at first sight' but does this concept really exist?

Love At First Sight

Some people believe in love at first sight while others find it to be a very weird concept. Love in itself is something that is interpreted differently by different people. For some it's nothing more than a physical attraction, while for others it means life itself. Love is a beautiful feeling of heart that thrills the other organs. It makes world appear more beautiful. Read further to find out does luv at first sight exist?

It can be said that love in the first sight is not actually love but a mere infatuation. You don't even know the person properly and you give away your heart. What is it that makes you say that you are in love when you don't even know that person? In that case, should it be concluded that it's mainly about physical attraction that takes place.

But we do find couples that seem to be a total contrast. So, it can be said that different people get attracted to different things. For some, it is the good looks while for others it might be intelligence, decency, friendly nature or some other quality that makes them feel that they would love to live their life with such a person.

Talking about the time period, sometimes you can understand someone in just one meeting and at times the whole life even seems to be less to understand him/her. It depends from person to person. But at the end of the day, what can be said surely is that it a wonderful experience to love and be loved by someone. So, keep yourself open to embrace love.