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Here are given some do's and don'ts of first date. Read on to know what to do on your first date.

Do's And Don'ts of First Date

So, after spending so many days just speaking on the phone, you have finally managed to get the first date with him/her. But now, you are clueless as to what you are supposed to do on your first date. To help you out, we are providing a list of the do's and don'ts of a first date.

  • Do not get late on the first date itself. It gives a very bad impression about you.
  • Make your partner feel comfortable, even if you are feeling like a bag of nerves.
  • Make sure that throughout the date, you attention is on the other person. Maintain eye contact and be genuinely interested in him/her.
  • Strike up an interesting conversation.
  • Be confident of yourself and be yourself. Portraying as someone you are not is not going to win you any brownie points.
  • Do not keep on talking on your mobile phone for half of the evening. It looks very rude.
  • Do not start looking at the other guys/gals around. It is very insulting for the other person.
  • Do not eat with your mouth open. Maintain basic etiquettes.
  • Do not smell bad. Body odor and bad breath can be major turn offs.
  • Do not ask too many personal questions or keep on talking about yourself only.
  • Do not get drunk.