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Here are given Fengshui tips/advice for increasing love and romance.

Feng Shui Love Tips

Feng shui love tips can work wonders in spicing your love life. Fengshui experts believe that the best way to boost romance is to create a perfect environment and make it suitable for love to bloom. Filthy surroundings and piles of clutter cause disturbances. Check out Feng Shui love advice:

Here are given Fengshui tips for increasing love & romance:
  • Replace the paintings and sculptures of solo figures with that of happy couples, as artwork has a lot of impact on the subconscious mind.
  • Cozy seating arrangement plays a major role in boosting love and romance. Place chairs and sofas at such positions that are indicative of the fact that you are ready to enter into a relationship.
  • If you want to get lost into the beautiful world of love, keep the idiot box out of your bedroom. Rather, indulge in reading love poetry or romantic novels.
  • To add spice to your sexlife, check out some cool bed sheets and pillows.
  • To enhance intimacy, avoid going in for king size beddings.
  • To add spark, apply fresh coat of wall paint.
  • Fresh red roses or tulips are just apt for setting the mood for romance.
  • Change the position of your bed, as it will also change the flow of energy in your room.
  • It is very necessary to let the fresh air come into your room. Open your windows so as to let the old air find its way outside. It will also take the old energy along.