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Men & women display varied signs of sexual attraction via their body language. Read on human sexual body language secrets.

Sexual Body Language

When one is sexually attracted to another person, he / she uses more than words to convey one's intentions and feelings. In simpler words when a person - man or woman - is attracted to someone, he or she will deliberately or reflexively begin behaving in a certain manner that will send out signals as to what's going on in his / her mind. This is called the sexual body language and could be either very subtle or prominent. Some common sexual body language signs / signals are discussed in this article.

Wetting the lips
Wetting one's lip frequently is a common sexual body language sign. And it's generally women who are more frequently seen to wet their lips when sexually attracted to somebody. Mouth is a very sexual body part and therefore, wetting the lips or tongue movement is a sexual body language expressing attraction. However, it is also believed that the person wetting lips is very nervous secretly when sexually attracted to another person.

Playing with Footwear
This is one typical female sexual body language of attraction with another person. When a women or a lady finds somebody interesting, she will involuntarily relax her posture while sitting and begin to play with the shoes she is wearing. Some will even suspend their shoes at the tip of their toes, while some females have a tendency to touch the back of their feet. Few ladies will lightly shove their feet in and out of their footwear at such a moment. Guys better keep a check on such secret sexual body language of women!

Touching Edge of Glass
This one's a classic example of female sexual body language sign. Females who are interested in somebody will reflexively touch the rim of their cocktail / mocktail glass. At this point of time, the particular woman will explicitly be displaying a sensitive (vulnerable) mood and infact, would keep caressing any article she is holding in her hands. But while gentle long strokes point that she is calm and in control of situation, a more harsh movement will indicate tension.

Male Body Language of Sexual Attraction
There are some common male behaviors, which signal that he is attracted / interested in somebody sexually. The classic example is standing in the cowboy posture. This is when men stand with their thumbs hooked into their belt or front pockets of the trouser and slightly bent towards the person they are interested in. One of their feet may be thrust forward.

Combing Fingers through Hair
This one body language of sexual attraction is common to both men and women. Women will generally comb their hand lightly through their silky mane to flirt and express their interest, whereas men will do this unconsciously when experiencing any sexual tension or even when they wish to just smarten. Men also have a tendency to lean slightly towards women unconsciously and put hand above the woman's head while standing like this.