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Check the body language of a guy to know if he likes you. This article talks about aptly reading guys body language.

Guys Body Language

Yes!!! There is this new delicious-looking hunk, who's your batch-mate in college and the problem is that you are totally clueless as whether he is or isn't really attracted to you? Don't worry. All you have to do is look out for certain body language postures that will secretly indicate if your feelings or sentiment for him is being reciprocated or not. This is called the human body language of sexual attraction, which is voluntarily or involuntarily displayed by all men and women. This article equips you with the art of reading guy body language to learn if he likes you or not.

What Eyes Say?
A typical guy body language expressing that he likes you is when his eyes are locked with yours when talking. All the more better if this look is accompanied with a nice broad smile! But when a guy is unsure of a girl's response, he will look away and then look back at the girl again to check if she's interested. Another guys body language sign that's he interested in a girl is when his pupil dilates upon seeing the girl / woman.

However, this particular eye gesture indicating sexual attraction is typical of both men and women. Also a guy is showing full attention if looking sideways or at the ground when conversing, but this guy body language is usually misinterpreted or misread by women. However incase he is looking away continuously when talking it means he is not interested in you.

Body Postures
Another way of reading guys body language of attraction is when they square their shoulders to impress. The man may reposition his tie, suck his tummy in and comb fingers through his hair when sexually attracted to a female. His legs may be slightly apart and his shoulders squarely pointed at the girl to express his interest in her. The lady / female can interpret this body posture as a green signal. Incase a man is not really interested in a girl, he will try to shift away in order to get her away or out from his personal space.

The crossing of arms over the chest is normally read as a negative body posture in both men and women, but this may not be the case always. As far as men are concerned, crossing arms over the chest could just be a posture of comfort. This is often true especially when he is seated or leaning on a table. But if a man's arms are crossed over his chest while standing, then this guys body language can be interpreted as showing disinterest. Reading this guy body language carefully is important because it could mean anything from 'I am feeling cold' to 'I wish I was wearing a trendier shirt'.

Drawing Attention to Body's Private Parts
When attracted to a female, men will unconsciously draw attention to their genitals even without realizing that they are doing this. Maximum times, such body postures are adhered to unknowingly by men. For instance, men or boys may dangle or keep one or both their hands on their belts (near the buckle) or direct the lower portion of their body towards the female. If you find a men standing this way, then interpret this guy body posture as saying 'I am a virile male'. And when a woman tosses her mane over her shoulders, she too most probably means the same thing.