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This article talks on reading men body language. Check if he's confident, has attraction for you, flirting or is simply uninterested.

Body Language of Men

You can begin reading the body language of a man right from the moment he steps into a room. Walking steadily at a uniform pace will underscore that he is self confident. The more movements he makes, the more that he is hesitant of himself it indicates. Here are some tips on reading a man's body language when the interaction initiates.

  • If ever you find that a man is seated with his face directed towards you, but his body is turned in the other direction, then read this body language of men as indicating that he is uncomfortable and hesitant of having you intruding in his space.
  • Further on if he relaxes as the conversation smoothly moves on, then he will automatically loosen up and face you directly with his whole body underscoring now that more comfortable with you.
  • Eye movements provide most obvious body language signs in flirting men. Incase you feel that a man is looking / staring at you longer than what is standard then he is probably hinting at you to understand that he's interested in you. Even if flashes his eyebrows, it would mean the same thing.
  • When men smile and playfully banter around, then this indicates that he is having a good time. But when they lower their voice and try sounding seductive, then again this body language of flirting men is a clear indication at romantic entanglement.
  • If you see him folding his arms across his chest, then he is creating a barrier between you and him. But when his arms form no barrier, then read this men body language as a sign that he is welcoming you into his space. When he is standing straight with both his shoulders forward, then he is comfortable and self-assured.
  • Men have a tendency to flirt with their hands. So if incase he is thrusting his thumbs into his trouser pockets with his hands pointing downwards, then read this particular men body language as that of attraction. And if he is placing his hand on your arm and leaning in front while interacting, then he is feeling you out.