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This article talks about tips on aptly reading attraction signs in the body language of male when flirting.

Male Flirting Body Language

Men are known 'not-to-be' too vocal about their feelings. But this should not make it difficult for any woman to understand whether or not the opposite person is romantically interested in her. Looking for flirting signs in male body language is what is needed to decode what is running through his mind. So continue reading as this article talks about tips on reading male flirting body language.

Whisper and Lean
Men have a tendency to slightly lean forward to whisper something when conversing with a woman they bear an attraction to. That few seconds when he is leaning forward is enough to judge her reaction. This is the commonest sign of the male body language of attraction.

Stroking the Tie
This particular gesture is a classic example of male body language when flirting. It goes without saying that the particular guy has to be donning a formal / semi formal attire for this. And that this could be both a deliberate or spontaneous reaction on his part.

Lending One's Coat / Jacket to Woman
Though less noticeable, chivalry is still alive even today. The gesture of lending one's coat or jacket to a woman is the most obvious sign that he is interested in her romantically. This classic male body language of attraction has been portrayed in movies numerous times across the world.

Straight Body Posture
Another tip to reading the male flirting body language is check that he is standing tall and straight with his stomach tucked in. Whenever attracted to somebody, men tend to stand erect to flaunt their masculinity and emphasize how tall and strong they are.

Exaggerated Movements / Gestures
Overstated movements or gestures by a man mean that he is trying to stand out in a crowd. He may switch positions frequently to stand a little away from his group of friends or a bunch of people. This could again be another sign of body language attraction among male for female.