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Anxious about creating good impression on your date? Read the following tips / advice on right body language during dating.

Dating Body Language

Having finally mustered up the courage to ask him / her out for a date, you have achieved your first goal! But then, you must be all the more anxious now about not only creating a favorable impression upon your date, but also taking this meeting to the next level. Do not worry. Just keep reading as this article provides you important tips on correct body language when out on a date.

Eye Contact is Important
An important feature of correct dating body language is to maintain as much eye contact with your date as possible. If you keep looking here and there, your date might probably misinterpret it as a sign of disinterest. So look directly when he / she converses with you. Try not to stare. Another dating body language advice - flash a nice open-lipped smile at your date when looking at him / her.

Try Making a Good First Impression
Remember that it does matter how you look. So dress up decently and trendily to impress your date. Looking good will make you feel good about yourself and you will, thus, conduct yourself more confidently. This feeling is bound to reflect in your body language during a date. Why just a date? When you are dressed up properly, you will find people in general behaving more courteously.

Role of Hands in Non-verbal Body Language
Even when you are not really touching a person, you hands tend to send a strong message / glimpse of what's going on in your mind. Reading hand movements are an important way of interpreting body language of a person during dating. For example, unclenched palms indicate that you are open / receptive of the other person. Caressing an object such as the rim of the glass can be a very sensual gesture. Hands thrust into the pockets, fists, etc. are bad body language.

Few More Dating Body Language Advice / Tips
  • Consider things to be going smoothly during a date when you begin "mirroring" the other person's body language and gestures.
  • Chain smoking, getting exceedingly drunk or concentrating on eating too much are bad body language signs during a date.
  • Trailing him /her around all over the city whole night will only end up making you seem needy and desperate.