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Learn interpreting / reading body language for understanding if a person you are courting has romantic leanings for you.

Courting Body Language

Most of us, at some point of time or another, have found it difficult to decipher whether or not the other gorgeous-looking person in your office or college nurtures the same mushy-mushy feelings towards you as you do for him /her. And in most cases, this vacillation resulted in that person's slipping out of one's ambit or being lapped up by someone else more instinctive or gutsy.

In order to keep this from happening to you again, read this article themed on courting body language. It talks about simple body postures /gestures that indicate whether or not a person is romantically interested in you. Reading this article should also make asking him / her out on a date easier for you!

Moving Nearer
Whether or not a person is interested in you romantically can be understood by how much intensely he /she is located near you. This is a simple and easy way of reading the body language of a person you are courting or want to court. For example if a person is standing afar and comes much closer upon seeing you, then he / she probably nurtures romantic feelings for you. The opposite is true if the person, who is the target of your attentions, moves away from you.

Making Eye Contact
The biggest communicator of romantic feeling is the eyes. If you are romantically inclined towards a person, you will instinctively want to make direct eye-contact with him /her. And if that person too looks at you in the same manner, then consider your lovey-dovey feelings being reciprocated. Is this not the easiest way of interpreting body language of a person you are courting or wish to woo?

When you are enticed by a thing, it is a normal human tendency to get closer to it or even touch. So if a person nurtures romantic feelings towards you, then that person will rest an arm on your shoulder or hold your waist casually. These touches could be intentional or totally reflexive. In this, it is the vibes of the persons involved that signals whether there is any romantic feeling or not between the two persons.

Position of Feet
The position of the feet can also prove to be a great signal in order to understanding the romantic body language of a person while courting or one you wish to ask out on a date. Just remember the saying, 'where the feet goes, heart follows'. Normally it is the lower body parts that are under least control every time a person is excited. So if he stretches to move his feet move towards you while seated at a table, then read it as a 'come-hither' sign.