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Read about various physical body language signs of attraction in men & women.

Body Language Attraction

When romantically or sexually attracted to a person, one tends to behave in altogether a different manner than how he / she normally would / does in the day-to-day basis. It is often the toss of the hair on her part or standing too close by him and other such behaviors and gestures that darts across signals that the person nurtures romantically feelings for you. That he / she may be attracted to you - physically / romantically! This article talks about body language attraction. Read to get clues as to whether he / she is attracted to you or not!
  • Smile is the simplest physical body language sign of attraction in both males and females. So when you are romantically interested in somebody, check if that person smiles happily or not upon seeing you. If a man likes you, he will feel happy and relaxed in your company. Incase of girls, the smile could also be a gentle shy one.
  • Another crucial physical body language sign of attraction is eye contact. A man / lady who is attracted to you, will look at you directly in the eye. In case of men, continued eye contact is a positive indication that the guy is interested in you, especially when he also smiles at the same time.
  • Now it may also happen that a person you are interested in romantically and vice versa looks at you in the eye fleetingly and gazes away. When such as thing happens, then take it as a green signal. The only problem here is that the guy / lady is probably nervous and so maybe it's you who has to make the first move.
  • Another way of reading body language of attraction is through a person's standing posture. If he she is angling his / her body towards you, it means that person is attracted to you.