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Interested in understanding / decoding the body language of a confident male? Keep reading this article for tips.

Male Body Language

Any person will get visibly impressed by a man whose body language exudes confidence, style and refinement. But that, my dear, is an art most men master only with age or have to consciously imbibe it. Infact, there are a few important aspects of male body language you need to keep in mind to lay a good impression on those with you interact on day to day basis. The same is what plays lead in impressing women too.

Tips for Impressive Male Body Language

Right Standing Posture
When standing, try to place your feet a just little bit apart from what is usual. Being a stable posture, this will keep you from stitching your weight. You will observe that your feet will feel comfortably planted on the ground in this posture, allowing you to stand still for a longer duration. This is a good male body posture and often used by the martial artists. Any person reading male body language will immediately register this posture as impressive.

Keep from Touching Face / Fidgeting
How do you generally keep your hands when in public? Hand or body movement is important because unnecessary fidgeting not only looks one seem unattractive, but also indicates that the person is nervous. As such, the best option is to keep hands by your sides. Place the thumb at the midpoint of the index and middle fingers. This will cut down the unnecessary movement of the fingers. This is vital step towards decoding body language of a confident male.

Don't Look Below
A lot of people have a general tendency to look down when not wanting to face a particular situation. So fight the urge to look down and instead keep your head straight. This is because looking down is taken as an indication of weakness and unattractiveness. It is also a proven thing that looking down has a negative affect on one's psychological makeup. If you really have to, then try looking upwards instead. This should be your third key towards understanding male body language.

Make slow head movements
Men of high status everywhere -- on film, in business, and in your social circle -- all have certain traits in common. One of these is slow, smooth movements. Don't jerk and jolt your head around as though you've been drinking caffeine all day. Instead look around slowly and smoothly. Smoothness and lack of fidgety movements are the main factors.

Walk Steadily and Comfortably
This type of gait gives an impression that one is classy. Though quite understated, a man's steady and smooth walk exudes a feeling of self-assuredness. Though you should try to inculcate this gait even in your normal day-to-day routine, do it more consciously when wanting to impress somebody, when appearing for an interview or wishing to stand out in a crowd. This is your final key towards understanding / flaunting body language of a confident male.