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Have you ever wondered who has a crush on you? Read on to find how to know if someone has a crush on you.

Who Has a Crush on Me

Love usually initializes with a crush. It is that phase of attraction where we often feel something for a person but cannot figure out what it is exactly. We meet many people regularly and it may be that someone might find us interesting and attractive. In a friend circle, the scenario is common one where one or the other feels something for another person. Though he/she might treat you differently and make you feel special, they would do it in an indirect way that might be quite confusing. In the following lines, we provide you information on how to know if someone has a crush on you.

Who Has a Crush on Me
  • The first step to find if someone has a crush on you is to watch and observe their behavior very minutely. It is generally seen that people who have a crush on someone tend to treat him/her differently. Look for such behavior.
  • The person would also out of the way make efforts to make you the center of attraction and all his/her actions would revolve around you. He/she would also try to make you feel someone unique or special.
  • If you find something peculiar about his/her behavior, ask some of your mutual friends. It is usually seen that the person who a crush on you would talk about it with his/her friends.
  • Be careful when you talk to the friend about it. It might just be that he would go and confide what you said to the concerned person making the situation all the more awkward.
  • You can even ask the person indirectly. Approach him/her carefully with the subject and make sure to generalize it. Remember you are doing it indirectly so better adhere to the norms as well.
  • If you are uncomfortable talking with the person about the subject, ask one of your close friends to do it. However, play a safe game and tell her not to make it obvious that she/he is inquiring bout the person's love interest.
  • If nothing works, you can turn onto a bold act. There is nothing better than asking the guy or the girl yourself whether he/she has any feeling for you. This would help you solve all confusions. You can also discuss if he/she has a crush whether or not you want to take a step furter in the relationship.