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Having trouble asking a girl out? Go through the article to find cute and romantic ways to ask a girl out.

Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

It is so easy to fall in love but to be vocal about your feelings can be a nightmare. The complexities of the situation can be very well judged by people who have gone through this phase. You are friendly with the girl and want to take the relationship a step further but are clueless about how to do so. You also wonder how she would react to the whole situation and most importantly you think how you should proceed with the whole process. The best way to ask a girl out is to be cute about the whole thing. In the following lines we provide you romantic ways to ask a girl out.

Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out
  • Let her know that you really like her and want to be with her. Tell her that you can't imagine a better way to spend your life than with her and that she's all you think about, tell her you wouldn't want to be anywhere else than with her. Flatter her with loads of cute comments like these. And then, ask her out, look her in the eye, and ask her.
  • Leave a note in her locker. Get her a rose and right it on the card part to meet at a specific place and time. When she reaches there, talk for sometime and then suddenly she least expects it whisper it in her ear. You can also write it on her hand.
  • Girls love to be complimented. So why not try this way. Just compliment her that she is looking awesome. Make is sound genuine and obvious and directly out of heart. Ask her for a movie and give her a kiss on the cheek even if she says no!
  • You can also use the direct way. Just go straight up to her and quite quickly kiss her on the cheek and say 'i wont take no for an answer' and then ask her out.
  • Buy her a teddy bear and a dozen roses. Get down on one knee in front of her and ask her out.
  • Yet another cute way to approach a girl would be to sing her a song that is liked by both you and her. Learn the lyrics of the song and sing the song. Once when you are done, ask her out kneeling on your knees.
  • Say her that she reminds you of romantic dinners and sunsets. Ask her what she feels about the whole thing. Capitalize on the moment and ask her out.
  • Present her a cake which has this inscription written on it 'will you go out with me'. However make sure that the flavor of the cake is one that she loves.
  • Buy her a fake rose. Give it to her while saying I will love you till this rose dies. She is sure to be overwhelmed by the whole act and then ask her out.