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Kiss is an intimate expression of love. Go through the article to find how to kiss a boy for the first time.

How to Kiss a Boy

Love may start with infatuation and proceed slowly to higher phases of intimacy and passion. Once proper understanding and trust is built, it is time to get a little passionate. While your eyes and words have done the magic, it is now the turn of your lips to sensually emote your feelings. The first kiss is special and making it perfect is the dire need of everyone. However, start slowly so that both of you are at ease. Once you get going things happen on their own so you need not worry about how things would proceed. Check out how to kiss a boy for the first time.

How to Kiss a Boy
  • It is very important to develop a sense of comfort between the two of you before you set out for your first kiss. Kissing is a passionate expression of your love to him. So, the first kiss should be the perfect one. Make the environment a comfort zone for both of you.
  • The two vital essentials prior to kissing are: smile and touch. You need to smile at him and make him feel at ease with you. Touch is also very significant as you need to make the initial contact before plunging into intimacy. Make excuses to touch his arm, hands or face.
  • Find a suitable place where there is no noise and the time preferably should be that of late evenings when the sun has just set or is setting. Also make sure that there are not too many people around you during your times to intimacy.
  • Do not just plunge on to the French kiss. Start slow initially, with a peck on the cheek. Guys like their partner to be bold in this respect but it is always to play it safe.
  • Follow a golden rule of kissing - always start with a closed mouth kiss. If your guy responds favorably, go for another short kiss. Take it slow and do not go on an emotional roller coaster. Continue with the short kisses until both of you are ready for the longer ones.
  • If both of you are comfortable with the long kiss as well, you can, then, go for the French kiss. While you slowly open your lips, he would also do the same. Slowly put your tongue inside his mouth and try to touch his tongue. This would surely make the moment more intense and passionate.
  • Slowly and steadily explore his mouth while he explores yours. Do not forget to keep your eyes closed to bask in the sensual experience of love!!