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Wondering how to impress a girl? Go through the article to find ways to make a good impression on a girl.

How to Impress a Girl

Do you keep drooling about this particular girl but are not able to impress her? The story may sound a little clichéd but is found even in recent times. Generations after generations have gone but the situation has not changed. Even in the 21st century guys find it hard to impress a girl. If you think that by saying sweet things you can impress the girl, you need to revise yourself. There are definite ways to impress a girl which you should keep in mind before you set out to astound her. In the following lines, we provide you information on how to impress a girl.

Tips on How to Impress a Girl
  • It is very important to look well groomed before you set out to impress the girl. You should wear clean clothes, brush your hair well, clean shoes, etc. it is very essential to look great and feel the same.
  • You must have an attitude to match your personality but take care not be a show off. Girls hate boys who put up a fake persona about their selves. Be your own and you would surely impress the girl.
  • Girls love to be treated with respect and admiration. Do not overpower yourself when you are in the crowd. Treat females with compassion and kindness.
  • Indulge in meaningful conversation with the girls. Do not talk endlessly about things which matter least or are controversial in nature. Discuss on matters that will catch her attention and interest as well.
  • Take interest in her interests. If she is talking about something which she finds interesting, make sure you are listening to her patiently. Respond quickly but make sure you direct the question back to her to let her do the talking.
  • Compliment her but make sure you sound convincing. Do not make it too personal and stay on the surface complimenting on her attire, hairs, eyes, looks, talking style, etc. Do not go out to say she has a hot figure. You are sure to be looked upon as a creep.
  • Girls are very emotional when it comes to their friends and are very possessive as well. Respect her friends, colleagues even if you do not like them much. This is important that you remain in the good books of her friends as well.
  • Politeness and etiquettes can win any battle. Well mannered guys have an upper hand. So be courteous and nice to her but take care not to overdo the act of politeness. It should come naturally to you.
  • Humor is one thing which every girl looks in a boy. Crack some jokes and be hilarious. This would also add to your efforts in impressing the girl.
  • Be polite to her parents. However, do not go over the top with the cordial ways. Be natural or else they would think you have something to hide.