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Here are top ten/10 ideas for romantic proposal. These ideas are quite popular and famous even for proposing for marriage.

Top Ten Ideas for Romantic Proposal

Given below are the top ten ideas for romantic proposal:
  • One of the most popular ideas for proposing is to go down on your knees and tell your partner how much you love him/her. Although very common, it works every time.
  • Another one of the famous marriage proposal ideas is to prepare a little treasure hunt. Plant clues all over the house and give him/her the first one. The clues should be easy for him/her to find out. When he/she goes to the last place you will be there, holding the ring and ready to propose.
  • Invite your partner for dinner at your place and cook his/her favorite dishes. Decorate one room with aroma candles and fill the entire floor with rose petals (obviously red). With soft music playing in the background, have dinner in some other room. Now, blindfold your partner and take him/her into the decorated room. Remove the blindfold and propose.
  • Invite your partner over to your place. And just before he/she is about to come, write the words "I Love You or Will You Marry Me" on the lawns of your house with flower petals. He/she is going to love it.
  • Book his/her favorite restaurant and arrange for the proper candle light dinner with violin playing in the background. After you have your desert, have the waiter bring a tray decorated with flower petals, with the jewelry box in the center and just above it a card expressing your feelings for him/her.
  • If you have the keys to his/her house, decorate his/her entire room with flowers before he/she gets up or comes back from the office. Just after his/her waking up or getting back, propose with a ring in your hand.
  • Take him/her to an echo point and shout your proposal at the top of your voice. Your words will come back to her many times and emphasize your feelings.
  • Plan a small magical evening for the two of you. Have the magician pop out the jewelry box suddenly in front of him/her, at the end of the magic show.
  • Buy a notebook and cut out the circle in the middle of all the pages, big enough for the ring. On each page write something that you really love about him/her. On the last page write the million-dollar question and keep the ring in between.
  • Buy a talking parrot and train it to say "I Love You". Gift it to your partner on the day you want to propose.