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Here are ideas on how to play "Play The Cupid", a Valentine's Day game for kids.

Play The Cupid

Are you friend with singles and thinking of some game to play on the Valentine's Day party you are arranging for all of them. Here is the solution to your problem. The "Play The Cupid" game we are explaining below is a very interesting Valentine's Day game for singles.

How to Play "Play The Cupid"
  • Make all the people present in the part sit in a circle.
  • Choose one person to play the part of the Cupid.
  • Now, choose another person for whom the Cupid will select a valentine.
  • This person will be blindfolded and made to sit in the center of the group.
  • Now, the Cupid will select a valentine for him/her and take the valentine to the center to show everyone who the valentine is.
  • After this, the valentine will go back to sit at his/her original place.
  • The blindfold of the person will be removed and he will be given some clues as to who his/her valentine is.
  • If he/she guesses correct, he/she will get to play the cupid the next time and the valentine will become the person who has to guess.
  • However, if he/she is not able to guess correctly, he/she will continue to be the person who guesses till the guess turns out to be correct.