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Here are ideas on how to play "Know Your Mate", a Valentine's Day party game for couples.

Know Your Mate

"Know Your Mate" is a Valentine's Day party game for the couples. It will help you know how well you understand your partner.

How to Play "Know Your Mate"
  • Have the females of each couple leave the room.
  • Then, the person who's hosting the party, along with the singles, prepares some questions to be asked to the male partners.
  • They have to give the same answer as their partner would have given.
  • The answers given by all the male partners are then noted down.
  • Now, the females come inside and the males leave the room.
  • The same questions are now asked to the females.
  • Again, the answers are noted down.
  • Now, the males are called inside and the answers of both the partners are matched.
  • The couple with the highest number of matched answers wins.