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Here are ideas on how to play "Guess The Name", a fun Valentine's Day party game.

Guess The Name

"Guess The Name" is a fun Valentine's Day party game. This game can be played even when there are singles in the party.

How to Play "Guess The Name"
  • Divide all the guests into two groups.
  • One person from any one of the groups has to come and enact the name of some famous personality associated with romance like Romeo, Juliet, etc.
  • Instead of a person, they can also enact some other thing associated with Valentine's Day like cupid, heart, roses, etc.
  • The members of his group have to guess the person or thing he/she is enacting.
  • Now, a person from the other group comes and the whole process is repeated.
  • The group that guessed the person or the thing right the maximum number of time, wins.