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Here are ideas on how to play "Love Hunt", a romantic Valentine's Day game for a couple.

Love Hunt

"Love Hunt" is a very romantic Valentine's Day game for just the two of you. It will bring the two of closer to each other.

How to Play "Love Hunt"
  • This game is quite like a treasure hunt, where you keep the clues for the other person.
  • Plan a surprise for your partner like a movie, dinner at his/her favorite restaurant, a romantic dinner at your own place, a thing he/she wanted to buy for so long, etc.
  • Tell your partner that you have a surprise for him/her, but he/she will have to do a little hunt for that.
  • Prepare some notes with the clues.
  • Now give the first clue that leads him/her to the place where the next clue will be hidden and so on.
  • Now, let your partner work out his surprise clue by clue.