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Here are ideas on how to play "Dance Game", a game for Valentine's Day Party.

Dance Game

"Dance Game" is a romantic as well as a fun game for Valentine's Day Party. Read on to know how to play this game…

How to Play "Dance Game"
  • Make each couple stand on the double page of a newspaper.
  • Start the music and ask them to dance on that piece of paper, without stepping their feet out of the paper even once.
  • If even one of the partner's feet steps out of the paper, the couple is out of the game.
  • Play the music for two minutes and then, stop it.
  • When the music stops, the paper is folded into half.
  • Now the couple has to dance on this folded sheet of paper without stepping out of the paper.
  • Again the music plays for two minutes and then, it is stopped.
  • Now, the paper is again folded into half and the music is played.
  • This continues till the time the paper is so small that the couple can dance only if one partner lifts up the other.
  • The couple that reaches the end of the game wins.