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Are you wondering when is the right time to break up and move on? This article provides some signs that indicate it is the time for breaking off.

Right Time To Break Up

For sometime you have had a nagging feeling that things do not feel the same in your relationship. You get irritated more often, like hanging out with your friends more than with him/her, fight over small issues and so on. Now, you start wondering whether it is the right time to break up. When you start noticing the signs given below, understand that it is the time to break up and move on…
  • All the time you are comparing your partner with others. You find other people more attractive than your partner.
  • You now do not like those things in your partner that earlier used to make you love him/her even more.
  • You find it difficult to communicate and most of the time you have together is spent in fighting with each other.
  • You always find some or the other fault in your partner, criticize him/her often and want to change him/her completely.
  • You do not look forward to spending time alone with your partner. Infact, it seems like an errand that has to be done.
  • Either you are the one who is at the giving end all the time or you are the one who is demanding all the time.
  • Another sign that indicates it is the time for breaking off is when you like spending time with your friends more than with your partner.
  • Suddenly, you feel that there is nothing that you want to share with your partner. Infact, you prefer sharing your feelings with your friends.
  • Your compatibility level seems to have hit rock bottom. Both of you no longer seem to understand each other and have fights over the pettiest of issues.
  • You no longer find your partner's naughty activities amusing. His/her humor does not seem to make you laugh, rather, it irritates you.