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After breaking up, we often think whether one can be friends with an ex. Read on to know more about dealing with and being friends with your ex.

Being Friends With Your Ex

So, you have had a breakup and have even moved beyond the hurt. Now, his/her name does not bring tears to your eyes. In the post breakup period, you must think about dealing with your ex. Because, if you study in the same college or work in the same office or stay in the same locality, you are bound to come across each other one day. Now comes the question that whether one can be friends with an ex or not. Most of the people think that there is no harm in being friends with your ex.

But in our opinion, the idea of being friends with your ex is a very bad one. This is so because, friends can be lovers, but lovers can never be friends. It is nearly impossible to love somebody and then go back to maintaining a platonic relationship. Also, as long as you remain friends, there is always a hope that the relationship may again go back to what it was once. Unnecessary expectations creep up and then, the whole thing becomes too messy. And, your chances of starting the whole affair all over again become too high.

So, it is better to avoid this whole idea of maintaining a friendship level with your ex. However, you need not be outrightly rude to your ex or avoid him/her. Greet him/her whenever you two happen to pass by, answer back if he/she comes to talk to you and so on. But, do not go beyond that. Don't start going out again or talking on the phone. Remember that you have ended that relationship and it is better to move on with life. You have every possibility of finding someone more loving and caring than he/she was!