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Here, we tell you about the right way to breakup. Read on to know how to break off a relationship without hurting.

Breaking Off a Relationship

You feel that your relationship has not remained what it once was and you do not feel the same about your partner. The distance between the two of you is growing more and more day-by-day and the understanding getting lower and lower. You feel that it is better to move on, rather staying together and hurting each other. But, you do not want to hurt him/her and want to know how to break off without hurting. We are providing some tips to help you breakup in the right way…
  • It is very painful to hear the news of a breakup, especially if you are not the one announcing the same. Break the news in the same way, as you would want to hear it from someone.
  • Never ever breakup on the phone. You two must have shared some very beautiful moments together. Atleast for the sake of those moments, show the courtesy of telling him/her about your feelings personally.
  • Do not sms or e-mail him/her for telling that you want to break off. It is even more impersonal than a phone call.
  • While breaking off your relationship, do not tell your partner about his/her mistakes or what things could have been if he/she would have made an effort.
  • If you have found somebody else, just convey it your partner. But, do not starting comparing both of them, praising your new friend, at the time of breaking the news to him/her.
  • Don't start abusing your partner, even if he/she has cheated on you. It will only make you feel worse later on.
  • Please do not convey the news of your breakup through a friend. It will hurt your partner even more to receive the news from somebody, other than you.