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Having a heartbreak/heart break hurts. This article is all about broken hearts, broken relationship and breakups.


One of the worst pains that anyone can suffer through is heartbreak. There can hardly be anything that hurts as much as a broken relationship. It seems like your whole world is collapsing before your own eyes. Tears keep rolling down your cheeks and it feels as if there is nothing, but emptiness inside you. You remember all the good times when you were together like the time he/she first said I Love You, when you hugged for the first time, how he/she was there every time you needed. And, suddenly there is no one to turn back to.

There is nobody to hold your hand when you feel lost, nobody to embrace you when you feel low and nobody to say "I Love You". You take out the old photographs and feel like turning the time back again and correct all the things that led to the breakup of your relationship. However, you realize that it is too late and things cannot be what they used to be once. But, now life has to move on and with life, you also have to move on. You have to get past the stage of broken hearts and start a new life.