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Check out this article that contains a fabulous collection of romantic love SMS text messages for lovers.

Love SMS

In the present times, the SMS has equipped love-birds a newer and better method to express the matters of their heart to one another and remain in touch despite staying miles apart in reality. Engage in SMS ing romantic love text message to your lover in the middle of the night, ask him /her out for a date, express how blessed you feel to have him /her in your life or just enjoy the casual playful bantering (through SMS ). Pick from the best love SMS messages from the collection given below.
  • I yearn to b ur blanket, I wud lov 2 b ur bed, I wish I was pillow beneath ur head. I year 2 b around u, I wanna hold u tight & b the lucky one 2 kiss u goodnite.
  • Though there r a zillion stars n a zillion dreams, u r the only star 4 me, the only dream I dream.
  • I do not have Measles. M not confined 2 bed. Aspirin will not work coz I am just not my head. I do not suffer from backache nor frm flu. My problem is more serious coz I am terribly missin u!
  • Ull always b mine 4 now & 4ever. Ull always be mine 4 u r my treasure. Ull always be mine, plz tell me it's true. Plz b mine 4ever I'll always luv u.
  • The moon once sed 2 me - if your lover makes u cry why say him gudbye. I looked at the moon n replied - would u ever leave your sky?
  • If I died or wandered afar, I'd write ur name on every star. So all could look up n see how u mean the world 2 me.
  • How u can ask rain not 2 drop, wen clouds exist? How u can ask leaves not 2 fall wen the wind exists? How u can tell me not 2 fall in love wen u exist?
  • Love is like a beautiful chain connecting our hearts together. And if you ever break this chain, you will break my heart 4ever!
  • Genuine luv is hard 2 find. Coz its special and 1 of a kind. My luv for u is true and it surfaced the day I saw you!
  • It takes 2 to tango n 2 to kiss. 2 to yap & reminisce. Most good things cum in a pair of 2 & one of those is me & u!
  • 1000 words 1 cud say.1000 wishes 1 cud pray. 1000 miles my legs cud go.
  • 1000 sounds the mouth cud talk. Forever n ever I will b true. This is among a 1000 ways I wanna say I luv u!