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Read on to find the most interesting bunch of friendship SMS quote you can text message your dear friend.

Friendship SMS

Amply blessed is a person who has a genuine friend in his/her life. As such, make use of the friendship SMS to convey him / her message of your heart. The friendship text messages assist you in conveying how much you value your friend's presence in your life and treasure the times spent together. And that you truly care and continue to in the times to come.
  • Friendship is like a chain that connects two hearts with one another.
  • There is one present gift which gold can't buy - a blessing dats rare & true! Dats the gift of a wonderful friend like the one I have in u!
  • One ship which will never sink is my friend-ship wid you!
  • If friends were flowers, then I would not pluck you! Instead I would let you grow in the garden and shower you with love and care so I can keep you as a friend with me forever.
  • We met as strangers, went ahead as friend. As long as the world exists, our friendship will nv end
  • Smile in pleasure, smile in pain, smile when problems pour like rain. Smile when someone hurts U like hell. Smile friend coz I love 2 see u smiling.
  • We talk to each other about our problems and we make one another smile. I am worried why you haven't e-mailed, so I am sending a message Hi.
  • My soul is like one open book. It depends on how u read (it). Do not judge the book by its covers. Look in indeed. I am your true friend now and forever.
  • When the god almighty created a flower, he injected it with dew. He then affectionately touched the flower and turned it into u. towards me he turned and said this friend is for you.
  • Few Relations In Earth Never Die. Wanna know what is it? Answer - (F)ew, (R)elations, (I)n , (E)arth, (N)ever, (D)ie.